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About Dr. Mel C. Fish

Dr. Fish has worked with thousands of individuals through life coaching and seminars that he has conducted throughout the country. He teaches life skills and stress management.

Dr. Fish and his brother and six sisters grew up in Southern Utah where his father worked the family farm and his mother was a homemaker. Dr. Fish later went on to BYU where he discovered his love and passion for teaching; it was at BYU that he finished his degree and went on to teach at East High in Salt Lake City, Utah and later at BYU. Dr. Fish went on to get his masters in mathematics. Later on he got a Ph.D. In counseling.

It was while he was teaching that Dr. Fish realized that he had an incredible ability to connect with people on an emotional level and became interested in teaching life skills and stress management.

Dr. Fish has explored many areas of therapy and realized that traditional therapy was not his calling. He has been involved in various fields of natural healing for thirty years. His doctorate is in the field of counseling and although he learned much in his doctoral program that he is able to use, he prefers to keep his work centered in the field of natural healing. He believes that healing comes from Christ. He therefore does not call himself a healer but rather a facilitator through whom Christ can work.

Dr. Fish has studied many methods of natural healing. He began by becoming certified in all areas and levels of therapy known as touch for health. This became the catalyst that lead him into many approaches to natural healing as well as a doctoral program in counseling.

The basic concept that he bases his work on is very simple and easy to learn and at the same time very effective. He works on the following assumption: There are two forces, Good and evil. There is an energy or power associated with good, which radiates from God. This is also known as the Light of Christ. This is the power of creation. It is the energy of love and is associated with all positive emotions. There is a power or energy that is the opposite of the Light of Christ that is associated with death, destruction, and all negative emotions. Positive experiences attract Light into ones being. Negative experiences attract darkness into ones being. That darkness will remain with one until the experience is properly processed and released.

As Dr. Fish teaches workshops with live demonstrations he walks the participants through the process of letting go of the darkness, giving it to the Lord, and replacing it with light. This process he refers to as "Christ Centered Stress Release."

The Christ Centered Stress Release or life coaching as practiced and taught by Dr. Fish includes some very affective techniques of meditation.